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Photomechanics Laboratory

The Photomechanics laboratory at Lehigh University was started by Dr. Arkady Voloshin in 1984. The main purpose of the lab is development and application of the modern optical methods in experimental mechanics. The laboratory has several optical systems capable to analyze a wide variety of problems utilizing principles of photoelasticity, classical moiré, moiré interferometry, fiber optic sensors and image processing and analysis.

The main research thrust is focused on development of the optical methods for strain and displacement analysis. The main applications are in the area of the microelectronics packaging:
  • effect of the coatings on the stresses in die
  • residual stresses and warpage due to the manufacturing of the microelectronics package
  • stresses due to the die-attach procedure
The assessment of experimental data is performed on the basis of the "Digital image analysis enhanced analysis of fringe patterns".
This work received an M. Hetenyi Award from the Society for Experimental Stress Analysis. 
Recently a new approach for non-contact analysis of windshields and architectural glass distortion was developed based on the image analysis of the transmitted and reflected optical patterns.